Coaching for Growth 

The Coaching for Growth Program is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to facilitate business growth and promote job creation through the development of a customized roadmap growth plan. C4G is a four-month direct one-on-one business coaching program consisting of a series of group training sessions that focus on the implementation of concepts and the application of timelines for key milestones for success. The training sessions serve as a platform for entrepreneurs to network, share best practices, provide peer-to-peer mentoring and work on curriculum-based projects in a collaborative team environment.

Participants will learn about the merits of accessing capital markets, develop a multi-disciplinary framework to spur revenue growth and profitability (EBITDA), devise strategies for acquiring other companies and establish a solid business foundation to accelerate growth. In addition to coaching, the program also brings participants together for a company showcase called "Launchpad," in which each business owner has an opportunity to present their company and a strategic “ask” to the business community.

What is Launchpad?  

Launchpad is a first-of-its-kind showcase in which several of IHCC’s promising, high-growth companies pitch their latest growth plans and make a strategic ask to an audience consisting of influential business professionals. Each company’s CEO and key employee will have participated in the C4G program for several months and will have received coaching to prepare their 7-minute presentations. These presentations will include a strategic “ask” to the audience in one of the following categories:

  1. Customer introductions or referrals
  2. Requests for investors to raise capital for growth initiatives
  3. Opportunity to become one of their advisory board members


For more information, contact: 
Joseph DeLaGarza, MBA
Director, C4G

Special thanks to C4G partner,  Bank of America. 

Special thanks to C4G partner,  Bank of America.