IHCC Launching New People-Centered Programming

Inaugural CEO roundtable, July 11th, 2017

Inaugural CEO roundtable, July 11th, 2017

We continuously hear from small businesses that they struggle to attract, develop and retain talent. In light of this feedback, IHCC will be launching new people-centered programming to support entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses and the teams that drive them. At the forefront of this new initiative will be quarterly CEO roundtables complemented by a cohort-based peer-to-peer leadership forum. This peer-based strategy stems from our recognition that entrepreneurs are the best problem solvers and can share infinite wisdom with one another to tackle the biggest leadership issues they encounter, including cultivating great teams.

To learn more about the program and the inaugural CEO roundtable, please click here

Contact program manager Liana Bran at (312) 425-9500. 

Second Cohort of the 1871 + IHCC Hispanic Technology Incubator Begins Program

Photo by Greg Rothstein/1871

Photo by Greg Rothstein/1871

The second cohort of the 1871 + IHCC Hispanic Technology Incubator began their program this week, kicking off twelve weeks of programming and educational content tailored specifically for the Latinx-founded companies.

The 13 companies range from an app that lets users find the best deals at local happy hours to wearable technology for the commercial cleaning industry.

The Hispanic Technology Incubator is operated as a full partnership between 1871 and IHCC and is made possible by the support of JPMorgan Chase.

  • Aero Payments - A revolutionary mobile payments platform that simplifies in-store payments.

  • BarPass - A social happy hour app that throws weekly events at the trendiest bars and restaurants.

  • BevAnalytics - "Pics to Data" Survey platform for Consumer Package Goods (CPG's) companies focused on On-Premise (Bars and Restaurants) and Hispanic Market (Bodegas).

  • Dealer Fox - An independent digital management and consulting firm unique to the automotive space.

  • TourisTeen - Connects high school seniors with tourists that want a personalized tour of Chicago. The money collected by the high school students goes towards their college education.

  • GuardianVets - A platform that allows veterinarian practices to offer around-the-clock care for their clients.

  • Hermit - An online platform that is creating a new art market space by streamlining the process of ordering customized art work. 

  • Nova Driving School - An online platform/app to connect people seeking driving instruction to local driving schools and driving instructors who are equipped to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

  • Rozalado & Co. - Wearable technology to create daily workflow tasks and be the go-to tool for every cleaning service owner to manage and operate a successful team.

  • PromoShare -  PromoShare is an automated platform that rewards influencers for sharing and registering new users for your event or business.  The more users an influencer registers the more rewards they receive.

  • Story Street Labs - An online community dedicated to making creative stories easier to tell and more amazing to experience.

  • Blazin' Babes -  Blazin’ Babes is a women's professional networking organization where women come together in a social setting to network with one another to elicit business connections, opportunities for professional growth and offer guidance to other women in achieving their professional dreams and aspirations,

  • BIM for Better -  A company that builds information modeling and IT solutions for mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors.

Search the hashtag #HispanicTech on social media to follow their journey throughout the program. For more information about the incubator, reach IHCC at (312) 425-9500. 


The State of Internationalization of Hispanic Owned Businesses in Illinois

Latino/Hispanic-Owned Businesses represent economic growth opportunities in every community where they do business. In a globalized world,  growth for firms can come from selling into markets beyond one's domestic borders. In a globalized world, growth for firms can come from selling into markets beyond one's domestic borders. In a globalized world, company efficiencies can be found in sourcing materials, equipment, and supplies from international vendors. Globally integrated firms take full advantage of the benefits of globalization because thy combine those twin perspectives. 

Illinois has the fifth largest concentration of Hispanics and Hispanic-Owned Businesses (HOBs) in the United States. In a region rich with both the vitality of Hispanic entrepreneurs and with geographic clusters of firms that make connections to global communities easier, and important question to ask is: How well are Latino businesses partaking of global opportunities? The research presented in this report attempts to answer that question. 

This research was conducted as a joint project between the Brennan School of Business, Dominican University, and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

To view the report, click here.