CEO Roundtable Recap

For the second installment of our CEO roundtable series on leading great teams, nine business owners came together on Wednesday, November 8th at Univision Chicago's studio to discuss the importance of giving power to their employees. Building on the first roundtable discussion, leaders reflected on the difficulty of letting go and delegating key tasks to employees as the business grows.

The CEOs in the group agreed that if you want to grow something  bigger than yourself (like a successful business)  you have to learn to trust your employees. While mistakes can happen, sometimes done is better than perfect and, more often, mistakes can mean employees are taking risks and trying something new and are an important source of learning and growth for the business owner and the team. In the end, employees bring unique talents to the business that fuel its growth.

Want to hear more? Watch out for the full recording of the session and dig into other lessons learned in our upcoming whitepaper!