Meet Paco Lebron, Founder & President of Prodigy Teks

As we gear up for the Coaching 4 Growth (C4G) Launchpad on July 19th, we sat down with some of the companies to get their take on entrepreneurship, taking risks, and how their business has been impacted by participating in C4G.

C4G is IHCC's signature program designed to give small business owners the tools to increase revenue and promote profitability. Over the course of 12 weeks, entrepreneurs across various industries participate in both group and one-on-one coaching to  create a customized road map for achieving business  growth.

Paco Lebron, CEO of Prodigyteks, Inc.

Paco Lebron, CEO of Prodigyteks, Inc.

Among the latest cohort is Paco Lebron, founder of  ProdigyTeks. ProdigyTeks provides quality, convenient IT Support to underserved small businesses in the Chicagoland area. According to Paco, what sets his company apart is their approach to empower their clients rather than “set it and forget it,” allowing customers to take control of their technology. Growing up in Humboldt Park, Paco never thought he would be an entrepreneur but embraced the journey after his previous corporate IT job was outsourced and allowed him to focus on his side business full-time. 

“Attending the program allowed me to focus on a lot of things, especially in areas where I felt I was floundering. It gave me a better outlook on what I need to do in order to get my business on a more focused path,” Paco said. “Specifically, it’s being more forward minded. I’m planning team meetings at the beginning of the week, getting the schedule down to be able to focus on specific items that need to be addressed.”

Meet Paco and the rest of the C4G Cohort on July 19th at the C4G Launchpad event as the top companies pitch their latest business plans. More information about Launchpad can be found here.