Latinx Incubator Launches Cohort 6


On September 10th IHCC and 1871 kicked off the sixth cohort of the IHCC + 1871 Latinx Incubator. The Latinx Incubator is a first-of-its-kind partnership between the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) and 1871 with the mission of growing the pipeline of Latinx and diverse entrepreneurs participating in and contributing to the Chicago tech and innovation economy. Cohort 6 joins a network of 62 companies and 93 diverse entrepreneurs that have participated in the incubator and raised more than $6M in capital collectively since the program’s inception in the fall of 2016. This cohort also marks a greater integration between IHCC and 1871, as 1871 launches a pilot program with a core curriculum that Latinx Incubator companies will join.

“IHCC is excited to work with these talented founders,” says Liana Bran, Latinx Incubator Director. “The renewed collaboration with 1871 and the opportunity to build on their programming creates an even stronger foundation for incubator companies. It also allows our team to focus on new sessions that address the challenges that uniquely affect Latinx and diverse founders.”

Cohort 6 welcomed 10 startups and the diverse founders that represent them. The founders will undergo a rigorous 12-week program that includes curated programming, mentorship, and facilitated introductions to key business, corporate, and venture partners. The program will culminate with a private investor pitch and a community showcase open to Chicago’s tech leaders, supporters, and potential investors at 1871 and IHCC.

“I’m proud to announce the launch of the sixth Latinx cohort, which we’ve designed in partnership with the IHCC to support, connect, and empower Hispanic founders,” said 1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler. “There’s been a considerable amount of research showing that diverse companies outperform their peers. Our Latinx founders serve as proof that diversity drives performance, and we’re excited to help them pave the way for even more diverse leadership in Chicago’s tech and startup communities.”

About the Companies:

BAGLí | Ifeanyi Charles and Sofia Zervas | BAGLí is a community-based on-demand short term storage service. A safe, easy depository where travelers are able to drop-off their luggage over a short period of time to go explore the city stress and luggage free.

ConnectCareHero | Osvaldo Montelongo, Tornu Ngwayah and Bob Lee | CCHero is a senior living tech platform that helps capture senior's special moments by partnering up with Activity Teams to improve their workflow and provide improved care planning.

Hear Space | Ashley Villarreal | Hear Space is a mobile app that connects people ready to start a conversation about life challenges and hardships. We work closely with universities and veterans. Our platform helps people overcome these problems by giving them a tool to share their stories with each other and access resources straight from their pockets. We stand out because of our friendly-user platform, affordability, and innovative ways to connect users.

LiveEquipd | Andre Johnson | LiveEquipd empowers people with paralysis related disabilities and life needs to find the equipment, supplies, & assistive technology they need. We provide health professionals with a vital tool to improve their process of equipping their patients with the products for life. Our founder, Andre Johnson, established the company to help others overcome the challenges he encountered as he sought the best ways to equip himself post-injury.

PagoPay | Edward Sanchez | A peer to peer payment transfer service for the transfer of USD remittances from the USA to Ecuador and vice versa. The same service is also available to residents within Ecuador with other financial tools available as features.

OjaExpress | Boyede Sobitan | OjaExpress is a same-day grocery delivery platform for those seeking easy and convenient access to cultural groceries.

Physician Admin Services, LLC | Derrick D Wallery and Richard Nawracaj | We leverage proprietary technology innovation, revenue generation activities, subject matter expertise, and litigation experience to collect unpaid interest on late paid Illinois workers’ compensation claims from employers and their insurers pursuant to Section 8.2(d) of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act 820 ILCS 305/ et seq.

Trees of Life | Antonia Navarro and Guadalupe Navarro | 700-900 women die in the U.S. every year from childbirth-related causes, and another 80,000 nearly die, and according to the CDC, 60 % of maternal deaths were preventable. Studies have demonstrated that the information mothers receive during postpartum discharge about their own health risks was inconsistent and sometimes incorrect. The mother is also recovering and resources for women during postpartum are lacking. We are working on a platform to enhance the efficiency and continuity of care during the postnatal period by establishing better communication among mothers, gynecologists, nurses and other medical staff.

Pulse | Ricardo Alvarado | Pulse is an app for meeting single people in person and not in the cloud. If you're at a bar, lounge, or concert, you “check-in” to the location, see who else is single, swipe on profiles that you like, match with someone, message them, and meet at a corner of the bar.

Ticket Falcon | Ashton Clark | Ticket Falcon is an intuitive event registration and management platform, offering key features to maximize the success of events without excessive fees. Many event organizers rely on revenue generated from ticket sales to fund their events. Unfortunately, most ticketing systems collect payments on behalf of event organizers and release funds several days after the event’s end date. This makes it extremely difficult for those who self-fund events. Ticket Falcon addresses this issue by giving event organizers instant payouts.