Inspirate Teaches Latinx Incubator Cohort Effective Communication Skills to Better Position Their Startups for Success


Communication is an essential skill founders need to cultivate. To establish that there is even a market of people willing to pay for their service, entrepreneurs need to get out of their heads and get direct feedback from potential customers. And before they make their first sale, founders are constantly selling their ideas to prospective co-founders, employees, investors, and more! 

Importantly, there are conversations (talking to people), and then there are effective conversations that lead to coordinated action (and results). To help the Cohort 6 Latinx Incubators learn how to hone these skills, Eddie Cisneros, founder of coaching and corporate training practice, Inspírate, led a workshop for the founders: “Personality and Communication Styles – How Understanding Yours and Others’ Personality Can Transform the Way You Communicate.” 

C6 founders and Latinx Incubator staff all took a personality assessment and spent time together unpacking the implications for how they both present themselves and understand and respond to others. Latinx Incubator Director, Liana Bran, reflected, “I have done other assessments and exercises like this one in the past, but I was shocked by how much more insight I gained in that one session. I have since observed how the interplay of my personality and communication style shape my leadership and ability to create impact for myself and others.”

As part the Latinx Incubator C6 curriculum, founders have exposure to two leadership sessions. Inspírate helped Latinx kick off their first week of programming and will return before they complete the cohort to help them continue to explore their identities as Latinx entrepreneurs. 

About Eduardo Cisneros, MBA 

Eddie is the founder of “Inspírate,” or “Inspire Yourself,” an independent coaching and corporate training practice serving large and middle market firms, startups and nonprofit organizations as well as individual clients.  Prior to becoming a certified Executive Coach, his career included working at Fortune 500s such as GE, UnitedHealth Group and DaVita. He was also part of two startups, Accolade and symbeo, the latter which he co-founded and both of which were focused on improving the healthcare system. Eddie holds a B.S. in Engineering from Florida International and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is passionate about leveraging his direct business experience to help clients become more effective leaders, which then has a ripple effect across their personal lives. He is directly involved in the nonprofit sector and coaches several organizations led by or serving Latinos in the U.S. and abroad. 

Eddie was born in Nicaragua and grew up in Miami, Florida. He is bilingual, is married with 2 children and resides in the Chicago area. In his spare time, he serves on the Board of The Children's Advocacy Center, a nonprofit that helps kids and families who have experienced abuse and trauma.