Corporate Procurement Opportunity Center


The Corporate Procurement Opportunity Center (CPOC) at IHCC assists small business enterprises who are interested in connecting with Fortune 500 companies. 

Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) often encounter difficulty connecting with the appropriate personnel at Fortune 500 companies to evaluate if their products and/or services can benefit their department or corporation. 

Another problem small businesses encounter is that they do not properly position their products and services to address and attract procurement opportunities. They need mentoring in order to prepare an effective, concise, and articulate value proposition for prospective clients. 

Additionally, many SBEs do not have the business foundation in place to scale their enterprise and experience growth challenges despite having services or products with large potential. 


  • Train SBEs how to have a better understanding of their financials

  • Train SBEs how to acquire other businesses

  • Train SBEs how to create a corporate culture and governance

  • Assist the SBE in creating or enhancing their pitch decks and presentations

For more information, contact:
Kelley Francis
Chief Operating Officer